Holli Gipson

This is me. Wow! I look at this picture and I can’t believe how far I’ve grown since I first started teaching yoga. I see these eyes looking back at me: strong, loving, reaching for connection, and I’m grateful. This open state of being was not always the case for me. I had an unconventional beginning in Fort Worth, TX. I come from a broken place of childhood chronic trauma. But here I am: awake and connected. How did this happen?

A definition of health that resonates with me most comes from an Ayurveda Text: “a healthy person is one whose elements are balanced […] and one who is established in oneself.” This kind of health is what yoga practice promises. Wherever you’re coming from, however, broken or deep your longing to heal, you can connect to that person you desire to meet the most — your true self.

When I look at this picture I see the journey of me establishing myself in my body, establishing myself in the five elements and establishing my spirit in this life, which has been brutally challenging at times. Personally, I could not have done it without yoga.

While growing up with young parents I was sexually abused by the caretaker they entrusted. I also grew up with addiction in my family, which led me to a role of emotionally stabilising the home as much as I could. As a teenager, I found ways to deal with this trauma through writing and basketball and I found yoga without knowing what it was! I would go into my room, stretch and move while concentrating on my breath. I naturally found the power of being in the moment and transforming my situation with simple actions like being in my body and my breath.

My childhood made me grow up emotionally faster than I would recommend. My mind was powerful enough to compartmentalise my trauma and do well in school and sports, but after the harsh discipline of basketball and excelled academic courses my mind and body slowly broke down. I needed a softer discipline to unravel my experiences and find myself. This is why I say often, yoga saved my life.

The aim of my teaching here on Sacred Seeds Yoga School Online is for every visitor to connect with themselves and their natural elements. To establish a giving-back system that promotes a healing path for those that have been abused. May we all become more established in our bodies, our lives and our truth. May we all establish health, bliss & freedom!