When you do yoga with Sacred Seeds Yoga School Online, you lift women up!

How it works

When you invest in yourself you invest in others!

Every time you take a course with SSYSO 10% of the revenue goes straight toward funding yoga therapy sessions for survivors of sexual and physical abuse. Holli is teaming up with community health centres and organizations to offer these services free to the women that need it the most. Your own practice of yoga at SSYSO will go toward Holli’s ability to give time to those that would never be exposed to one-on-one yoga therapy services.

Our partners

Reaching out to non-profit organizations in Tasmania and Grand Rapids. Relationships to be solidified in 2020.

Future goals

We will start with reaching out to the above organizations, setting up structures and we hope in the future to expand our reach so that affordable and quality yoga therapists can be a staple in health centres.

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