The Yoga Collective

The Yoga Collective


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  • To support ourselves in our yoga teaching, including education support and group space and time to be heard and addressed.
  • To connect and support other yoga teachers.
  • To be inspired and motivated in our teachings.
  • To be challenged in sequencing, theming, and to take risks in teaching and business.

What it includes

~ Weekly live video readings and meditations from Holli in a secure Facebook group.

  • Monthly zoom sessions where the whole group gathers. Holli facillitates community check in, meditation/activity inspired by the quartly theme, and the community is able to bring challenges, needs or desire for their teaching or yoga business to the group for support.
  • 2 private mentoring sessions with Holli annually. These sessions are 60 minutes long to discuss your teaching or get help on a class, classes, series or workshop. You can also trade the equivalent toward a longer yoga therapy session that targets more your personal practice and needs.

This offering is much different than the other courses here in our online school. Rather than a finite course this is an on-going group that meets live monthly. The group does not have an offical end-point but does have a finite amount of spots. We will take 10 members and we ask for a 1 year commitment to the group, which allows proper connection and support to transpire.

The group will meet every second Saturday of the month. We will meet at the same time for 2 hours, which will include a 10 minute movement break. Every meeting will have a similar structure on a different theme led by Holli. Here are a few themes Holli has lined up as examples: Living from the Heart, Responsibility, Empowerment, Confrontation.

This will also include two 60 minute one-on-one video sessions with Holli within the year to discuss, explore and goal-set your teaching, your business and/or your personal practice.

Why this group is for you…

  • …if you are ready to invest in community and support for your teaching! If you have been teaching a while you know how lonely and unsupported teaching can be, so if you understand that value of meeting monthly with a group and truly believe in the power of community this group is for you!
  • …if you feel stuck and/or isolated with your teaching. This group will be a great way to process blocks or stagnation in your teaching and to connect rather than isolate.
  • …whether you are a beginner teacher or have been teaching for years. We hope to have a variety of teachers with diverse backgrounds. This will enrich our community and dialogue.

Don’t join the group if…

  • …you are not yet a yoga teacher. This group (for now) is for yoga teachers that are currently holding classes for others.
  • …you’re unsure about online groups, sharing and learning. If you don’t know if online learning is for you then this isn’t for you because the course meets 100% of the time online.
Course Price:
$84 AUD / ~$58 USD per month

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    Our mission is to provide quality yoga content that connects citizens of the universe with their bodies, minds, the natural elements and their own truth!

    Launched April 2019, Sacred Seeds Yoga School Online has emerged from the SSYS teacher-training program in Hobart, Tasmania. This school was founded by Holli Gipson a year after starting Bija Yoga Tasmania.