Seasonal Online Yoga: Summer!

Seasonal Online Yoga: Summer!


This online yoga course includes postures breathing techniques and meditation that are good for the summer season. Classes are designed with intentions for the heart and small intestine meridians and the navel and heart chakras.


  • To approach the element FIRE and the Summer Season through our bodies and breath.
  • To become more aware and strengthen of your heart and small intestine organs
  • To become more aware of the POWER available in your breath and how to connect to the breath.
  • To balance the navel chakra and heart chakra!

By the end of this online yoga course, you will have a deeper connection to the element fire, to the season of summer, to your heart and small intestine, as well as the navel & heart chakras!

What Seasonal Online Yoga Includes

There are six classes in this online yoga course on Seasonal Hatha for the summer season.

In summer, Holli focuses on the element of FIRE, which coordinates with the heart and small intestine meridians. These practices will bring awareness into these organs and enlivens them with both yang (strength) and yin (softness) energy.

Every 5 days there will be a classes available with detailed instruction. There will be two videos: the first video is approximately 30-minutes dedicated to physical movement, and the second is 20 minutes dedicated to breathing exercises and meditation.

This online yoga course is for you…

  • …if you have done yoga and are looking to deepen your practice and interested in how the organs and chakras are affected by your practice. After trying several styles of yoga, you may be interested in deepening your tools of postures, breath and meditation affecting specific organs and chakras.
  • …if you want to learn more about how your practice can respond to the seasons. Again, if you’ve gone to several styles of yoga, you are now interested in and open to other styles and methods that directly address the seasons. Seasonal Hatha is a stye of yoga that employs the Chakras, Meridians and Ayurveda logic to balance the seasons through postures, breath and meditation.
  • …if you want to energize your heart and small intestine. In Chinese medicine the word for heart translates to mind. When we work wiht the heart we will strengthen it’s love for life and release burdens through forgiveness. This will clear the way for sharper clarity in the mind. AS for the small intestines it is the power-house of our entire system. It connects us to our power witin. Often called the core or internal oven, think of it as the hearth of our home. We’ll use the warmth to shine our entire being!
  • …if you want to balance your navel and heart chakras. These chakras are deeply connected to our individual self relating to other people. If you think about it that’s exactly what we’re doing in summer — going out and interacting more! Our chakra practices in this summer course will focus on strengthening those connections by energizing these chakras as well as protecting ourselves by strengthening these chakras.

Don’t do this online yoga course if…

  • …you can not confidently do a gentle or beginners yoga class. While Holli will offer modifications for those that wish to be more gentle with their bodies, this is not a course for beginners. If you have not taken regular yoga classes or have not completed a beginner’s course please do not take this class.
  • …you don’t enjoy creative language and imagery during your yoga classes. Holli draws on figurative language and seasonal theory that is poetic and draws on nature. If these turn you off then this course is not for you.
  • …you’re not into the details of the effects of yoga. This course will be a workout! But, it will also try to educate on the affects of yoga and particularly seasonal yoga. If you don’t like education in your yoga class and would rather work out then this course is not for you.
  • …you can’t commit and show up. Please read the schedule and duration of the course. This is a time sensitive course that will have an endpoint, and if you do not dedicate and commit the time and energy to the course you may create negative feelings toward yoga and that is the last thing we want!
  • …you’re unsure about online learning. If you don’t know if online learning is for you I suggest you try our youtube channel with smaller videos before signing up to this longer and more extensive course.

Things you need to successfully take the online yoga course:

  1. SPACE: Your own space for your mat and video.
  2. GEAR: A yoga mat, 2 blankets, a block*, meditation cushion.

*you can use a big book

Course Price:
$54 AUD

Holli’s Background

My advanced training was in Seasonal Hatha and Yoga Therapy through the elements with Swara Yoga. Before this I had learned much about the Chakra System and the Ayurveda System through a yogic lens. What Elemental Training gave me was knowledge and experience of the Meridian System.

All of these Systems connected for me easily, like puzzle pieces. I was able to connect them in classes for students and bring them together in my Seasonal Hatha classes at Bija Yoga Tasmania, which I’ve been teaching now for 5 years.

This is a creative way to approach yoga, the seasons and your own body. I love teaching this course and it is a deep passion of mine to share this knowledge and experience to students.

More in Holli’s Bio.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Navel Chakra: Summer Seasonal Yoga Lesson 1


Small Intensive YIN online: Summer Seasonal Yoga Lesson 2


Small Intenstine YANG: Summer Seasonal Yoga Lesson 3


Heart Chakra YIN: Summer Seasonal Yoga Lesson 4


Fire Yang: Summer Seasonal Yoga Lesson 5


Pericardium YIN: Summer Seasonal Yoga Lesson 6

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