Gentle Yoga For Beginners

Gentle Yoga For Beginners



  • To gently approach and connect to your body.
  • To gently connect to your breath.
  • To become more aware of your body and breath throughout the day.
  • To get direct support from the teacher and other students.
  • By the end of the course, you will be confident to take a full hour yoga class, either here on SSYSO or your local yoga class!

What it includes

This is a 6 week series for beginners! For the first 5 weeks you will receive a 20-25 min gentle beginners yoga sequence with Holli. These are bite-size mobility exercises that lead to one or two poses and end with relaxation and/or breathing techniques. The two videos for the week are the same sequence. The first is more detailed and slower for you to get alignment and understanding, while the second video is more reps and stronger to get you confident in the pose of the week. You can do the videos throughout the week as much as you like!

Like a class you can communicate with the teacher and the other students throughout the chat room. We are here to create a supportive community! Chatting might include inquiry on poses and techniques, encouraging pick-me-ups and support with accountability. And as the teacher, I will be in the chats with you!

The last week – week 6 – you will be given a full one hour class that integrates all the postures we have done throughout the course.

This course is for you…

if you are ready to invest in yoga. We all have to begin somewhere, but to give anything a first try you must invest money and time. This is a short, low- cost course that will make you confident to take more courses at SSYSO or to join your local yoga class!

if you are ready to meet your body’s needs. Yoga is about meeting your body and your breath. If you are ready to be curious and present with your body and if you are ready to listen and ask, “okay, what does my body need to feel good and healthy,” then this course is for you!

whether you’ve started yoga or not. This is a beginners course, so it will provide a solid base for your yoga practice. You may have taken a couple of classes but never really understood the basics. This is a great way to start or to re-establish the foundations.

Do not do this course if…

you don’t think yoga will help you. Most likely you’re not on this site if you don’t think yoga will help you, but please do not take this course if you have resistance to the power of yoga. We will all be disappointed with the outcome. This is for people that want to commit whole-heartedly to the 6 weeks and for those whom believe yoga will help them.

you can’t commit and show up. Please read the schedule and duration of the course. This is a time sensitive course that will have an endpoint, and if you do not dedicate and commit the time and energy to the course you may create negative feelings toward yoga and that is the last thing we want!

you are looking for an intense workout. This is a gentle approach to the basics of yoga. While for some this will be quite challenging the aim of this course is to gently connect to our bodies and minds — not to tone strong muscle or for cardio strength (which are great goals and possible outcomes for some folks, but not what this course is about).

…a physical disability prevents you from standing. This particular series focuses primarily on standing postures. I hope to bring other courses that are more accessible to those that need to sit or have other disabilities that keep them from standing on two feet. For now, this course requires standing. You are more than welcome to take breaks as needed though.

…you’re unsure about online learning. If you don’t know if online learning is for you I suggest you try our youtube channel smaller videos before dedicated to this longer and more extensive course.

Course Price:
$63 AUD

Course Content

Lessons Status

Week One – Toward Warrior II


Week Two – Toward Tree


Week Three – Toward Triangle & Side Angle


Week Four – Toward Warrior I


Week Five – Toward Dancers Pose


Week Six – Integration

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