Root Chakra Yoga Intensive Course

Root Chakra Yoga Intensive Course



  • To be able to locate and investigate the muladhara (root) chakra with yoga practice.
  • strengthening and stretching our legs and pelvic floor.
  • To harmonise our root chakra through yoga practice and journaling on the themes of this chakra: survival, awareness, nourishment, prosperity and ancestry.

What it includes

This interactive online workshop includes theory and practice on the Root Chakra. We’ll dive deeper into the chakra with 10 yoga classes. Each class consists of 40 minutes of physical practice and 15 minutes of meditation and end with a journal investigation.

There is a limited amount of time to finish this course. You’ll also be going through the curriculum with others! Sharing with classmates and with Holli will be an incredible asset!

This course is for you…

  • …if you are ready to invest and discover your Root Chakra ! You might have read about the chakras, even explored the root chakra in a workshop or a regular yoga class, but now you want a more extensive exploration of yourself and your connection to your roots.
  • …if you feel there is stuck energy concerning your right to be here and survive. Addressing chakras is the first step to healing schisms between the body and mind, because the chakras are where our psychology merges with our biology! The fundamental right the root chakra teaches is that you have the right to be here. All of the themes and practices we explore will affirm that right and bring to the surface any blocks to that right.
  • …whether you are a beginner or regular yoga practitioner. The roots are a great place for anyone to start and the practices will be very great for both beginners and all other levels as it strengthens the base.

Don’t do the course if…

  • …you don’t think Chakras are real. Maybe you need more time to understand them or maybe this course isn’t for you.
  • …you can not dedicate the time and energy in the next 10-12 weeks to complete the course. This course will take your own commitment to practice regularly. After 11 weeks the course ends and you will not be able to access the course anymore.
  • …you’re unsure about online learning. If you don’t know if online learning is for you I suggest you try our youtube channel smaller videos before dedicated to this longer and more extensive course.

Things needed to successfully take the course:

  1. SPACE: Your own space for your yoga mat and video.
  2. GEAR: A yoga mat, 2 blankets and a block*
  3. PRINT: Access to a printer (for pdf printouts)
  4. DRAW: Your choice of coloured pencils or pens, markers
    or other drawing utensils. You will need something and preferably multiple colours.

*you can also use a big book

Course Price:
$135 AUD

Holli’s Background

The Chakra System has been a big part of my healing from chronic childhood trauma. One of the benefits of going through such trauma is, if safely confronted, the physical and mental body becomes very sensitive, raw and available to empathetic understanding. This is why many people that have gone through such tragedy and are able to survive are drawn to helping others through service careers that contribute to individual and community growth.

The Root Chakra in particular has been a place for deep healing for me. A big part of my path has been to solidify my own right to be here on earth. From my very first yoga training I was introduced to the Chakra System and right away it all made sense to me. The Chakra System gave me vocabulary as well as structure for different sensations and habits in my body and mind. This felt very much like coming home.

By attending trainings, workshops, though my own personal research and kinaesthetic exploration I understood more and more about this ancient system of the Chakras within my own body and mind. I then devised a workshop for my Sacred Seeds Yoga School elective in 2016 and have been teaching the workshop sense. In 2018, I developed and deployed an advanced 300 Hour Training structured around the elements and the Chakra System.

Needless to say, providing courses to investigate intimately the chakras is a deep passion of mine; one that I believe can free the individual from suffering and provide her/him/them with endless support and energy!

Course Content

Lessons Status

Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 1: Survival Yang


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 2: Belonging Yin


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 3: Grounding Yang


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 4: Awareness Yin


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 5: Nourishment Yang


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 6: Nurishment Yin


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 7: Prosperity Yang


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 8: Prosperity Yin


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 9: Ancestry Yang


Root Chakra Yoga Online Lesson 10: Integration

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