Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop: Connecting the Sister Sciences

Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop: Connecting the Sister Sciences


Live Zoom Workshop on March 21st

Welcome to Our Online Yoga Workshop on Ayurveda & Yoga.

Welcome to our online yoga workshop on connecting the two sister sciences: Ayurveda & Yoga!

Have you ever wondered what kind of yoga is best for you? What should you do for your body-type, your personality and to help balance your energy? This workshop will explain the ways to practice yoga that will create the most balance for your constitution and give you the tools to know and implement the needed practices.  

The five elements form an ancient and significant bond between yoga and the philosophical underpinnings of the Indian Medical System, Ayurveda. So we will explore how these elements live in us and how Yoga and Ayurveda come together to address long lasting health in our body and energy. We will first explore this knowledge in theory with a 3 hour online workshop. If you would like to explore more through practice the workshop is followed by 8 recorded practices to embody this theory and knowledge.


  • to understand the context and basic history of Ayurveda
  • to learn the 3 constitutions (doshas) for human beings.
  • to gain a better understanding of your own personal constitution.
  • through theory and practice, to know how to balance these constitutions
  • to know about the 5 winds for energy (vayus for prana) and how to move energy in these 5 different ways. Depending on your constitution you need to move energy in a specific way.

What it includes:

This is a 3 hour workshop. This is an individual investment to study and know the basis for Ayurveda, particularly how it relates to yoga practice.

There will be dialogue, small sampling of practice, worksheets/journaling exploration in this workshop.

There is an option to further practice with an 8 week series. But this is a stand-alone series too.

This workshop is for you…

…if you are ready to investigate a deeper aspect of yoga and your own personal needs for balance.

…if you want to know how to balance energies for yourself and understand yourself more fully.

…you want to take your practice to “the next level.”

Do not do this course if…

…you are a complete beginner to yoga and meditation. Start with a beginner course first. While all levels are welcome you will want to know some yoga and have done some meditation.

you can’t commit and show up. Please read the schedule and duration of the course. This is a time sensitive course that will have an endpoint, and if you do not dedicate and commit the time and energy to the course you may create negative feelings toward yoga and that is the last thing we want!

…you’re unsure about online learning. If you don’t know if online learning is for you I suggest you try our youtube channel smaller videos before dedicated to this longer and more extensive course.

Course Price:
$27 AUD

USD $18

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