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Gentle Yoga For Beginners

Objective: To gently approach and connect to your body. To gently connect to your breath. To become more aware of…

Seasonal Online Yoga: Summer!

This online yoga course includes postures breathing techniques and meditation that are good for the summer season. Classes are designed…

Forgiveness Practice: An Online Yoga Workshop on Forgiveness

Live Zoom Workshop on January 16th Welcome to Our Online Yoga Workshop on Forgiving. Welcome to our online yoga workshop…

Root Chakra Yoga Intensive Course

Objective: To be able to locate and investigate the muladhara (root) chakra with yoga practice. strengthening and stretching our legs…

Chakra Yoga Intensive Course

Objective: To know the definition of a chakra, both literal translation and understanding. To be able to locate and distinguish…

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To provide quality yoga content that connects citizens of the universe with their bodies, minds, the natural elements and their own truth!

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Featured Course

This offering is much different than the other courses here in our online school. Rather than a finite course this is an on-going group that meets live monthly. The group does not have an offical end-point but does have a finite amount of spots. We will take 10 members and we ask for a 1 year commitment to the group, which allows proper connection and support to transpire.

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meet your teacher

Holli Gipson is the founder of Sacred Seeds Yoga School and your teacher, read more about her journey and the healing affect of yoga.

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